What if diving was a bloodsport?

Apoca-leaps puts you in the flippers of a diving competitor in a ruined world. Dive to the pool while trying to avoid all the garbage in your way. 

Use  your gun to help the diver navigate his way through the trash pile, dodging various obstacles while trying to keep all of your limbs attached! If you fall a bit too hard and loose your head,  activate your time leap and scroll back through time to have another go!

Free-floppin' Action!

Left Mouse ClickShoot Player
Right Mouse ClickActivate Time Leap (Scroll through
and rewind the last 3 seconds!)
Space BarRestart

Team Backyard Giant

Team Website

Team Presskit

Aden Webb  [Portfolio]: Team Lead

Jack Griffiths [Portfolio] : User Experience

Jack Brewer [Twitter] Programmer

Avebry Houghton-Vowles [Twitter] Programmer & Level Design

Josie Wood  [Portfolio] :  Artist

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72 Hour Game Jam

Apoca-leaps was developed for Jamfuser 2020., under the theme of "LEAP".

" Jamfuser is a 72 hour game jam that feeds directly into the Tranzfuser competition. Taking place across the UK, teams come together to design, create and submit a game based on a soon-to-be-announced theme. "

As a team, we developed all visual assets and code within the 72 hour limit. We used a variety of objects  to create most of the sounds, including biting apples and cracking Pringles to get the gruesome gory noises! We have one royalty-free audio asset that we have modified for this project :

This  sound was modified using Audacity, and we had relevant creative commons licensing to allow for us to use & modify them.

This project was completed at our team's local Tranzfuser hub, the University of Plymouth. 


Apoca-leaps_BackyardGiant.zip 58 MB

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