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Rhythm Fun challenge games are great for Early Years children playing alone, or (even better) with an older family member or friend.

With help from Mrs Beat and the Metro Gnome, 5 and 6 year olds have swiftly grasped the basic notation of long and short sounds – notation that leads them seamlessly into reading real music. This skill can be expanded for use in larger groups and whole class situations, with numerous behavioural, social and academic benefits.

A unique further feature is the link between beat patterns and rhyming words. When correctly combined and repeated, such rhythmic rhymes are powerful aids to learning and memory.

But Rhythm Fun isn’t only for infants. We’ve seen teenage and adult experienced musicians getting equally ‘hooked’ attempting to be perfectly in time, correctly observing the rests and patterns and matching the rhyming words. Be warned - it can be quite addictive, as you strive to get full marks for every game. And no doubt you will want to use the double-up function, to raise the difficultly level through another whole set.

So for all these benefits, start with the free app and associated films from Rhythmic Learning. We promise you won’t look back!


Available on Google Play

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